Portrait of a Journalism Student

Agustin Garcia is a resident of Eureka California, a full time student at College of the Redwoods, and a part time cook at the Abruzzi restaurant located on the plaza in Arcata.  Eighteen years ago Agustin was born in Oaxaca, Mexico.  Eight years after his birth Agustin’s family moved to Eureka.  After graduating High school Agustin enrolled in College of the Redwoods, where he is currently in his second semester.  As of the 2011 Spring semester Agustin is taking a Spanish 2A class, an American institutions class (poly sci), a concepts in physical fitness class, and an Introduction to Journalism class.  Agustin is perusing his associates degree and as of yet has not decided on a major.
    Agustin is the fourth born child of a family of five, he has three older sisters an older brother and a younger brother.  Besides working at Abruzzi Agustin enjoys playing soccer recreationaly and is interested in photography.  Agustin especially likes to take landscape photography but has lately begun to delve into street photography.  Recently Agustin received a Nikkon D3000 camera and has been thoroughly enjoying it.  Agustin will be bringing his camera along with him when he travels alone to Oaxaca, Mexico this upcoming May.  Agustin has not been to Oaxaca since his family moved to Humboldt County ten years ago and is very excited to return for a visit.
    Through his employment at the Abruzzi Italian restaurant Augustin has developed a passion for Italian cuisine and cooking.  Augustin anticipates a promotion in the near future from his current position of cooking salads and appetizers to being responsible for cooking entrees along side Erin, the head chef.  Augustin would like to pursue a career as a chef as he gets older and hopes to one day travel to Italy to learn more about the trade.

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