Triangulate Sources.

Triangulation of sources, similar to the triangulation of a position on a map.  You have to find at least 3 points in the surroundings (or in the case of news 3 credible sources) for points of reference.  Once you have those points secured the truth of ware you are is revealed.  In the case of writing a story it may be beneficial to find more than just 3 sources.  There is a lot of information out there that can look ok on the surface but upon further investigation becomes nothing more than malarkey.  With the majority of the free world taking all their information from the news it seems to me that the importance of verifying sources in stead of making baseless emotional pleas to the masses should be more important.  How many times has the media been used to distract the majority instead of inform…by giving information about some celebrity or some other farcical information that has less to do with the real events and more to do with celebrity gossip or other distractions.
We also discussed war of the worlds, despite being but a drama on the radio there was mass panic as many tuned in late to the broadcast and panic ensued when thousands believed that their land was being invaded by aliens.  As humours as this may be to us now it could be pulled off again.  It would take a bit more imagination to create such a real illusion in todays society but its not impossible.  
There are many instances through out the history of the media of emotion being used to sway the minds and motivations of the people.  There were a couple examples given during the class, two of the most note worthy were the Hindenburg explosion that made way for future emotional pleas through the media as well as starting the idea of live news media being a part of every day life.  The second one was Nixon’s speech to the public about the misappropriated funds during his campaign.  His use of language and emotion during the speech gave the appearance of an innocent man trying to get his views to the country.  In spite of what history teaches from actual events the facade was very well maintained.  Without the multiple sources to show the actual truth of the matter no one would have been the wiser.  Hopefully we as budding journalists will be able to learn from the old reporters who took the time to expose some of the greatest lies ever told and have a passion for the truth.

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