I’ll Drink to That — Or Not

Dig a well, collect rain, or sip the exhaust from your neighbor’s hydrogen car; whatever you do don’t drink the tap water! – unless you already have been, in which case you are powerless to heed the warning. By now, we’re all familiar with the fact the most of our drinking water contains trace amounts/elements of not only lead, copper, and other metals, but often pharmaceuticals as well. Okay, so I get a few extra minerals and what’s more, a free dose of Xanax to get me through my day. The problem is not antidepressants or trace metal particulate, but something much more sinister. I’m talking of course about anhydrous dihydrogen monoxide. MCSD release and a statement Saturday warning the public of a “mild to moderate contamination of the water supply” at the azalea pump station but insisting that “the situation is being remedied.” This ionic compound alters the way neurons in your brain interact – especially in the hippocampus and the frontal cortex, areas of the brain related to memory and judgment – and strengthens certain pathways while letting others wither away. What this means is that this chemical, when ingested in high enough quantities (only 15 ppm according to the FDA) and coupled with certain stimuli, causes you to learn and create associations differently than normal. It causes you to think and remember differently, effectively altering your personality and behavior. What stimuli you might ask? “It could be anything, specific radio frequencies or sound wavelengths, visual cues; we just don’t know” was Humboldt Neurological Societies response.

Corey Knight

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