Summery week 3

This week we touched on the Cairo protests and the violence toward the reporters there.  This event was started by social networking tools along with peoples disgruntled attitudes over the poor living conditions and wages that have thus far been perpetuated.  This lead to discussion about the workings of being a remote corispondant.  There was a lot about this subject, if an individual takes on this undertaking there can be a need to learn to live on little to no sleep as the home office will need reports when they are live which may be the early hours of the morning in the country you are in as well as recaps of the events of the day.  There are potentialy agressive locals that may want to silence the foreign press as well as language barriers to over come if you want to be able to get the story.  In some instances the reporter has to go over on his own dime to get the story so it can be bradcast to a news source here in the states. 

We also spent a lot of time looking at aspects from the life of Edward R Murrow.  He was an insperational journalist.  His style was solely truth focused.  Reporting on things that could make people uncomfertable and that were pushed under the carpet by others.  During the red trials his action and use of the leaders own words allowed him to be able to expose the falicy of what was being perpetuated on the people.  Showing the true face of those witch trials made the man a few powerful enimies but he persisted in spite of it all.  This quality seems to be lacking in todays media.  The only time hard hitting stories come on the air seems to be around the time when ratings are all important. 

The welspoken intelegent demeaner of Edward Murrow had a way of capturing your imagination and bringing the visiong he wanted to share into your head.  It takes a lot of skill to muster these feelings and emotion over the radio and as he moved into the television medium these skills took on a new feel that was remarkable.  For those of us from the start of the MTV generation video killed the radio start was so true to life that for Murrow to survive and thrive shows his level of perfeshonalism and creativity.  Thanks to inspirations like this we may be able to recover our country and the ethical means of journalism.  Its dificult for people to imagine going and at personal expense searching for the truth at every turn but I say that if we dont take charge of our own enevironment and government we have no one to blame but ourself if the wrongs are unwatched and unreported.  The trueth can only come out if people are willing to sacrifice to make it known to all. 

In conclusion the news is not always glamorous.  There are many instances that require those seeking the truth to find the story and report on their own dime.  A passion for the truth and willinness to go against the grain of the political icons can make one unpopular but credible in the mind of people.  Without these traits reporters becoe patsies working to spread disinformation in stead of inform people of the truth.

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