Arcata Eye Editor Visits CR Journalism Class

A rainy Wednesday turns up as one hell of an lesson-plan when Arcata Eye’s very own Kevin Hoover comes to speak to a journalism class in Arcata. A friend of instructor Dave Silverbrand shares his own on his new paper The Arcata Eye, he describes journalism in Arcata “a lot of fun” because “ you don’t have to pull teeth to get information“. Imagine a dentist with a broadcasting camera; maybe a good story in itself! He continues to express his passion for extracting interesting stories through out the city of Arcata. His goal is to “capture the essence” of the culture for his weekly paper, thus constantly required to stay on the ball and collect mind-magnet articles. Although he doesn’t tackle this on his own, he is constantly looking for what he calls “Stringers” Stringers can write up an article, set at a high bar of course, and send it over to him for an acceptance or a denial; he even talks good pay. If you think you have what it takes and you take your self seriously about writing, he is a contact you want to connect with for the benefit of your own opportunity, which remains completely unpredictable, or perhaps you merely like to see your name in print. Kevin goes on praising his hobby and work, “the fun side of journalism is that the door is always open”, all though it’s not all fun and games as Kevin also explains that “deadlines are unavoidable, the printing press is going to run no matter what, so it is up to you to feed it. It is an incredible discipline”. Although at times challenging, those experienced in journalism strongly believe that the grind never fails their craving for a good grounding.If interested you may want to visit

Article by Stephanie Diegan

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