Class-ism leads to racism

To see the truth of this we have to go back in history a long way to feudal times. There would be the rich ruling class, and peasant class, and slaves. There has been a ruling class in existence for as long as we have had value on trade goods. Depending on what country and what era the group of people who were enslaved would change. Though the one thing that did not change was the divide between the peasant and slaves. To keep them from wanting to communicate stereo-typing and slanderous names were initially used to keep the people from interacting on a meaningful level. In Hawaii the slaves that were brought there to work for the plantation owners and the native inhabitants were not friendly with each other at first. They had long history of war. The plantation owners saw no difference between the people and were not aware of the cultural dislike so they put them all together.

There are many examples of these kinds of events through out history. A little time doing research and you can see these trends still happening today. There have been many visionaries through out time that tried to correct the perceptions about race as a dividing line between peoples. Lincoln, Doc. Martin Luther King, Kennedy, and many more put their self on the line to try and encourage social change. They saw that we are all humans and that color of some ones skin or country of origin should make no difference in how people are treated. They worked on trying to unite people and show that everyone had the power to better their own life. The majority of these people also ended up dying for what they believed in. The concepts they were sharing with the world were beautiful and enlightened. It is unfortunate these days to see so many willingly perpetuate the negative stereo types that were put on them years ago. Now we have a new group to point the finger at with the ware against the taliban, most people have heard the term towel head or sand rat used by service men and women who have had to fight over there. Though our country is not taking them as outright slaves if you investigate what the “US interest” is defined as in our current foreign policy you will understand that the main goal is to control all resources and have every country under “democratic” control. (ironic choice of words considering our country is not a democracy but is actually a republic) By perpetuating the classist and racist stereotypes we only serve to divide humans from each other and prevent the positive change that can come from people standing together and eliminating class divides so all can live in equality without divides. Take back control of you life and work on rising above the divides that have been beaten into everyone for years.

I know this draft is rough and may not be what people want to read but there are too many examples out there through history. Feed back is appreciated.  I hope it inspires you to do research.

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