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  Technology is pretty much a required part of today’s world. The internet has now become a standard household utility bill almost equally required as electricity or gas. Nobody uses typewriters or stand alone word processors anymore; the computer has completely replaced them altogether. E-mail is now so powerful that the American postal system is facing significant problems and branch closures. I can’t even remember the last time I even saw a pay phone. Becoming a celebrity does not require finding an agent or going on casting calls anymore, just get a good Utube video and you can go from zero to hero in just a few video submissions.  Even this article is a testament to technologies place as ruler of our society; I wrote it on a computer, submitted it online, your viewing it online (or someone printed it from online for you to read), and I am just some schmuck sitting in my underwear at my kitchen table writing it rather than some trusted journalist with years of experience. Most of us take this technology we use almost every day for granted.

  The point to all of this you ask? What about those that don’t have access to this tech? It’s hard to have a computer when you are homeless. Not all school children have access to a computer help with education. Job seekers can’t even pick up a newspaper and browse the employment section because newspapers are outsourcing to internet job boards, and employers prefer to take online applications only these days. There are plenty more examples of people without access to technology as well.

   So what about public library or ETD for computer use? Yes, those are very good and available resources. There are limitations to these resources though, and not all needs can be met by them.

  There is a new and emerging need for all towns and cities, a free community technology center. A safe place that all are welcome and have access to computers, internet, email access, free phone service, scanning, copying, faxing, free basic computer skills classes, and much much more.

   As of writing this, I am pleased to inform you that Humboldt County will have a community technology center of its own. We are still in the early stages of development, but I am part of a small group that is dedicated to filling this need in our community.

   I do hope that you will continue to read future articles and postings of our progress as we try to bring this needed service to our community.

 If you are interested in helping, please email .

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