Today is the 10th anniversary of 9/11. A day forever burned into the heart of America. A day that forever changed the lives of not just Americans, but the world. A tragedy so horrible it we no longer say we live in the information age or the age of rapid medicinal advances; we say “A post 9/11 world”.

I have heard all the plans this last week of ceremonies to remember the heroes and those lost 10 years ago. The media has dusted off the photos and videos of 9/11 to remind us of our loss and obligation to those lost and those that still wish to do harm; life is frail, stay strong, and you can never take our spirit.

9/11 is here and this morning I logged into Facebook , everyone I knew had something to say about 9/11 or show their pride in America or even just pay quiet tribute with the words “God bless America”. I thought “what should I write? How will I express my feelings today? What can my humble voice contribute?” I couldn’t think of anything at all! I was tempted to cut and paste the “show your support” quips that people were posting, but in my opinion that is cheap and put you at no risk in exploring your feelings or expressing your own genuine thoughts

As I was changing the clothes from the washer to the dryer it hit me; start writing and see where it leads. I had many thoughts and feelings on what to write, how to say it, and threw out many ideas that were just wrong. I thought of just how I have changed, how my family has changed, how America and the world have changed since that day. I thought of all the people that would be speaking and what great words might be committed to history on this anniversary. I thought of those that haven’t been able to say anything since that day, and the heroes that have passed or are suffering now from exposure to toxins of that day. I explored my thoughts, feelings, emotions, and I was still at a loss for words.

Maybe that’s the real goal; thinking about it all. Maybe it’s enough to reflect on the past 10 years and the events of 9/11. Maybe we don’t have to say anything at all if we can take the time to grow from the event and see just how much it has changed not only us, but the world we live in.

I still don’t have an answer on what I could say; but I have given a true effort and maybe that is worth more than any “cut and paste” slogan I could place on a website.

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